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One broker to queue them all

Why RabbitMQ?

RabbitMQ is a reliable and mature messaging and streaming broker, which is easy to deploy on cloud environments, on-premises, and on your local machine. It is currently used by millions worldwide.


RabbitMQ supports several open standard protocols, including AMQP 1.0 and MQTT 5. There are multiple client libraries available, which can be used with your programming language of choice, just pick one. No vendor lock-in!


RabbitMQ provides many options you can combine to define how your messages go from the publisher to one or many consumers. Routing, filtering, streaming, federation, and so on, you name it.


With the ability to acknowledge message delivery and to replicate messages across a cluster, you can ensure your messages are safe with RabbitMQ.

Examples of common use cases

Here are a few common use cases we hear about from the community or our customers. This should help you better understand what RabbitMQ is and how it can help.

Decoupling interconnected services

You have a backend service that needs to send notifications to end users. There are two notification channels: emails and push notifications for the mobile application.

The backend publishes the notification to two queues, one for each channel. Programs that manage emails and push notification subscribe to the queue they are interested in and handle notifications as soon as they arrive.

➡ Benefits

  • RabbitMQ absorbs the load spike.
  • You can do some maintenance on the notification managers without interrupting the whole service.

What about the license?

Since its original release in 2007, RabbitMQ is Free and Open Source Software. In addition, Broadcom offer a range of commercial offerings.

Free and Open Source

RabbitMQ is dual-licensed under the Apache License 2.0 and the Mozilla Public License 2. You have the freedom to use and modify RabbitMQ however you want.

Of course, contributions are more than welcome! Whether it is through bug reports, patches, helping someone, documentation or any form of advocacy. In fact contributing is the best way to support the project! Take a look at our Contributors page.

Commercial offerings

Broadcom offers enterprise-grade 24/7 support where you have access to the engineers making the product.

In addition, a range of commercial offerings for RabbitMQ are available. These commercial offerings include all of the features of RabbitMQ, with some additional management and advanced features like warm standby replication and intra-cluster data compression. These features are a must for heavy workloads.

For a list of the commercial offerings, take a look at the Ways to run Tanzu RabbitMQ and Free and Open Source RabbitMQ distributions table.

What are users saying?

RabbitMQ is used by millions around the world. Here is what some of our users are saying about it!

RabbitMQ is the one message broker that HASN'T given me grief in my career.

— codeduck on Hacker News

I've been running RabbitMQ for >8 years in production, once even in a fleet of 180 buses where every bus had an instance of rabbitmq running locally. Never had a single issue in all those years.

— gog on Hacker News