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RabbitMQ Next Documentation

Welcome to RabbitMQ documentation!


You are currently viewing the documentation for RabbitMQ <unreleased>.

Documentation is Versioned

Use the drop-down menu on the top right of any page Click the hamburger icon at the top left and then click Back to main menu to select the documentation version for the RabbitMQ release that you are using. We update each version of documentation with the latest patch information for that release.

Table of Contents

Use the navigation on the left Click the hamburger icon at the top left to browse through documentation for your release of RabbitMQ. This table of contents is structured so it can be used by the two main RabbitMQ users: Developers and Administrators.

If you are a Developer

You might want to start with Getting Started if you are new to RabbitMQ. These tutorials will guide you on how to use RabbitMQ.

If you are familiar with RabbitMQ, go directly to the How to Use RabbitMQ information to start exploring it.

If you are an Administrator

The table of contents for administrators is structured this way:

  • The How to Manage RabbitMQ section provides documentation for configuring and managing the RabbitMQ broker.
  • The How to Monitor RabbitMQ section includes information which will guide you on how to setup monitoring for RabbitMQ and the applications that use it.