Troubleshooting Guidance


This guide provides an overview of several topics related to troubleshooting of RabbitMQ installations and messaging-based systems:

node memory usage, metrics and monitoring, TLS, and more.

Monitoring, Metrics, Health Checks

A very important aspect of troubleshooting a production system is monitoring and health checks. They collect data that can be inspected and analysed, helping identify and detect anomalies.


Logs is another important source of information for troublshooting. Separate guide on logging explains where to find log files, how to adjust log levels, what log categories exist, connection lifecycle events that can be detected using log files, and more.

Node Configuration

Configuration guide contains a section on locating config file.

Effective node configuration can be inspected using rabbitmqctl environment as well as a number of rabbitmq-diagnostics commands.

CLI Tools Connectivity and Authentication

CLI Tools guide explains how CLI tools authenticate to nodes, what the Erlang cookie file is, and most common reasons why CLI tools fail to perform operations on server nodes.

Cluster Formation

Cluster Formation guide contains a troubleshooting section.

Memory Usage Analysis

Reasoning About Memory Use is a dedicated guide on the topic.

Networking and Connectivity

Troubleshooting Networking is a dedicated guide on the topic of networking and connectivity.

Authentication and Authorisation

Access Control guide contains sections on troubleshooting client authentication and troubleshooting authorisation.


Connections guide explains how to identify application connection leaks and other relevant topics.

Channels (AMQP 0-9-1)

Channels guide explains what channel-level exceptions mean, how to identify application channel leaks and other relevant topics.


Troubleshooting TLS is a dedicated guide on the topic of TLS.


LDAP guide explains how to enable LDAP decision and query logging.

Capturing Traffic

A traffic capture can provide a lot of information useful when troubleshooting network connectivity, application behaviour, connection leaks, channel leaks and more. tcpdump and Wireshark and industry standard open source tools for capturing and analyzing network traffic.

Getting Help and Providing Feedback

If you have questions about the contents of this guide or any other topic related to RabbitMQ, don't hesitate to ask them on the RabbitMQ mailing list.

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