Java Tools

This page documents some Java-based utility programs (PerfTest, Tracer).


RabbitMQ has a throughput testing tool, PerfTest, that is based on the Java client and can be configured to simulate basic and advanced workloads as well. PerfTest documentation is hosted on GitHub Pages:


The tracer is a very basic, very simple AMQP 0-9-1 protocol analyzer, similar in purpose to Wireshark. Use it with the runtracer or runtracer.bat script:

runtracer listenPort connectHost connectPort
port to listen for incoming AMQP connections on - defaults to 5673.
hostname to use when making an outbound connection in response to an incoming connection - defaults to localhost.
port number to use when making an outbound connection - defaults to 5672.

Download and Source Code

Releases can be obtained from:

Source repository is hosted on GitHub.

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