Erlang AMQP client library

The RabbitMQ Erlang client library allows Erlang code to interface to AMQP servers. The current release implements AMQP protocol version 0-9-1. Please see the specification page for more information on interoperation and standards-conformance.

The library is open-source, and is dual-licensed under the Apache License v2 and the Mozilla Public License v1.1.

You will need an AMQP server, such as our very own RabbitMQ server, to use with the client library.


The current release of the RabbitMQ Erlang AMQP library is 3.6.8.

Download the library and documentation

The library

The library is available as source, or compiled as a loadable .ez binary archive. The AMQP client binary archive has a runtime dependency on the some modules common to the RabbitMQ server. These are provided as a separate loadable .ez archive.

AMQP client library .ez archive amqp_client-3.6.8.ez(Signature)
RabbitMQ common library .ez bundle rabbit_common-3.6.8.ez(Signature)
Source code and tests (tar.xz) amqp_client-3.6.8-src.tar.xz(Signature)

Please see checking signatures for details on how to verify the signatures on our packages, and the build page for instructions on compiling from source-code.

The documentation

Please refer to the Erlang AMQP user quide.

The edoc documentation is browseable on-line.

Other versions

Consult the archive if you want to download a version of the RabbitMQ Erlang Client library other than the above.

GitHub repositories

The Erlang AMQP client library and tests depends on the server and the code-generation library modules. Please see the build instructions.

For information on how to work with the RabbitMQ GitHub repositories, please see this page.

SnapshotRepository checkout commandRepository overview
rabbitmq-erlang-clientgit clone source
rabbitmq-servergit clone source
rabbitmq-codegengit clone source


For help compiling or installing RabbitMQ, or for general queries, please contact us.