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This Month in RabbitMQ — July 2019

· 4 min read

Welcome back for another edition of This Month in RabbitMQ! In June, we saw the RabbitMQ Summit agenda start to go live, featuring some great returning speakers as well as new faces. There are also a couple of training sessions offered to add onto your ticket. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in all things RabbitMQ for a couple of days. Registration is open, so book your tickets now before the prices go up in August!

Project updates

  • RabbitMQ 3.7.16 has been released with bug fixes, usability improvements and new rabbitmq-diagnostics commands
  • PerfTest 2.8.1 was released with a couple of bug fixes
  • Reactor RabbitMQ 1.3.0.M1 was released as part of the Reactor Dysprosium-M2 release train. More goodies to come in the next few weeks!
  • March Hare 4.0 was released, now based on the 5.7.x series of the RabbitMQ Java client

Community writings and resources

June 5: Vermaden (@vermaden) wrote about setting up RabbitMQ cluster on FreeBSD Jails

June 5: Josh Smeaton (@jarshwah) of Kogan published about monitoring Celery queue length with RabbitMQ

June 7: Emre Tiryaki (@emrtryki) from Hepsiburada published about event ordering with RabbitMQ using the consistent hash exchange (in Turkish)

June 8: Cleison Ferreira Melo (Cleison Ferreira Melo) wrote another installment of his series on building a microservices application, focused on the RabbitMQ container and connection

June 8: Jose Alonso Romero Matias published a four-part video series (in Spanish) showing how to create a messaging project that emulates the sending of invoices through a service, using RabbitMQ: part 1, part 2 on dependency injection with RabbitMQ, part 3 on creating and testing the invoice handler, part 4

June 9: Gilles Robert (@ask4gilles) released v2.0.3 of @opentracing Spring RabbitMQ with a bunch of new instrumented methods on AmqpTemplate and documentation improvements

June 11: Marco Behler (@MarcoBehler) published a video on How to Consume RabbitMQ Messages From Queues With Java

June 13: Maksim Martianov wrote about Kubernetes worker autoscaling based on RabbitMQ queue depth

June 14: Bartha Bela Tibor published about RabbitMQ in Docker with Alpine Linux

June 17: Rafael Capuano published (in Portuguese) a three-part series on the external configuration store pattern, using RabbitMQ for  configuration change propagation: part 1 on contextualizing, part 2 on creating the API, and part 3 on creating the client

June 18: Ram N. published a video and resource links on how to send and receive product objects to or from a queue

June 19: IBM published a tutorial on invoking serverless functions through a message broker

June 23: Karol Galanciak (@Azdaroth) published the third part in a series on Messages on Rails, this one focused on RabbitMQ

June 25: Dhananjay Singh wrote about Spring Cloud Stream with RabbitMQ: Message-Driven Microservices

June 27: Ranga Karanam () published on DZone about Asynchronous Communication With Queues and Microservices: A Perfect Combination?

June 28: Davide Guida (@DavideGuida82) published the first in a series on using message queues in .NET Core (in Italian)

June 29: Teerapong Singthong (@iamgoangle) wrote about Go Messaging System with RabbitMQ and RabbitMQ client for Go (in Thai)

June 30: Md. Al-Amin published about Solving RabbitMQ High CPU/Memory Usages Problem With Celery

Ready to learn more?

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