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This Month in RabbitMQ — June 2019

· 4 min read

Welcome back for another edition of This Month in RabbitMQ! Keep sharing your war stories and lessons learned out there, and tweet them with #rabbitMQ to get them on our radar for inclusion in these write-ups.

As we march towards RabbitMQ 3.8 going GA, be sure to catch the replay of the webinar we did last month on what’s new in RabbitMQ 3.8.

Jack Vanlightly also did some coverage on the Single Active Consumer feature in 3.8, adding to his earlier coverage on Quorum Queues.

Project updates

  • RabbitMQ 3.7.15 was released, includes initial support for Erlang 22
  • Erlang 22 is now GA with a new inter-node communication implementation and initial TLSv1.3 server support
  • Erlang 22.0.2 and were released, addressing ERL-934 and ERL-938, an issue that affected RabbitMQ environments that used TLS and had a high data ingestion volume.
  • RabbitMQ Docker image has transitioned to use Erlang 22
  • PerfTest 2.8.0 has been released with lots of goodies: new options to vary message size and publishing rate, optional polling consumers (instead of asynchronous consumers by default), optionally nack messages instead of acking them, and dependency upgrades
  • Java client 5.7.1 (for Java 8+) and 4.11.1 (for Java 6 & 7) have been released with a bug fix

Community writings and resources

May 1: Denis Orehovsky (@apirobotme) published about Distributed systems with RabbitMQ.

May 1: Sam Bently (@sambentley00) published about Building An External Rabbitmq Service For VCloud Director, with particular attention to SSL requirements.

May 1: Nerengen Babu published Integrating RabbitMQ with SpringBoot Application (Receiver Part).

May 5: Chetan Khatri (@khatri_chetan)wrote about How to Setup Airflow Multi-Node Cluster with Celery & RabbitMQ

May 6: mastanggt wrote about migrating RabbitMQ to/within Kubernetes (in Russian).

May 8: Nikita wrote about RabbitMQ Fetching Remote Data, particularly in Rails.

May 10: Jacques Roussel published about Using the Ansible Operator-sdk To Build A RabbitMQ Operator for Kubernetes.

May 10: Aamer Mohammed compares several different messaging technologies, including RabbitMQ, in the context of Asynchronous communication in Microservices.

May 13: Jind?ich Hrabal (@Backglite) published on Dead Letter Queue Reprocessing with Spring Integration and RabbitMQ.

May 14: Prashant Vats published on Kubernetes pod autoscaling in response to the change in the RabbitMQ queue.

May 14: Francisco Cardoso published about what’s different in AMQP 1.0 compared to AMQP 0-9-1 (in Portugese).

May 17: Lakmini Wathsala published How to integrate WSO2 EI with RabbitMQ without passing credentials from address URI.

May 20: Lukasz Lenart (@lukaszlenart?) published on How to configure RabbitMQ via definitions.

May 24: Jeroen Jacobs (@jeroen1205) wrote about troubleshooting sync issues with classic mirrored queues.

May 24: Lovisa Johansson (@lillajja) answered the question "What is the message size limit in RabbitMQ?"

May 24: Ryan Gunn (@Icidis) published about Blazor, RabbitMQ and MQTT using Paho with JSInterop.

May 27: Marcela Sisiliani (@ma_sisiliani) wrote an introduction to the world of queues (in Portugese).

May 28: Hervé Beraud (@4383hberaud) published about How To Play With RabbitMQ And Python Quickly.

May 28: Jack Vanlightly (@vanlightly) wrote about Maintaining Long-Lived Connections with AMQProxy and about Publishing Throughput - Asynchronous vs Synchronous.

May 28: Tomas Henriquez (@Hassek85) published about how he sets up RabbitMQ clusters to scale, noting using the consistent hash plugin and mirrored queues .

May 29: Mohamed Elhachmi published about Efficient design for daemons tasks.

May 29: Denis Setianto published How to Install RabbitMQ Server on Ubuntu 18.04 & 16.04 LTS.

Ready to learn more? Check out these upcoming opportunities to learn more about RabbitMQ

6 June 2019, online: Boosting Microservice Performance with Messaging and Spring.

4 November 2019: London: RabbitMQ Summit 2019.

On-demand, online: LearnFly: Learn RabbitMQ Asynchronous Messaging with Java and Spring.

On-demand, online: Udemy: RabbitMQ: Messaging with Java, Spring Boot And Spring MVC.