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Keeping It Realtime Conference (Portland, OR)

· One min read
Marek Majkowski

There's a lot of hot stuff happening in the web technology lately. JavaScript seems to be bearing the torch, both browser-side and server-side. At the RabbitMQ HQ we're interested in developments in the wide world of messaging, and we're particularly excited about the JavaScript angle on messaging - namely WebSockets and related technologies.

The good news is - there will be a conference dedicated to these topics:

The conference will take two days on Nov 7 and 8 in Portland, OR. I'm delighted to announce that I'll be giving a talk there. I'll speak about our view on messaging in the web environment, our attempt (and failure) to build a generic web-messaging service, and finally I'll describe what we came up after all this - the SockJS project. (Which is a simple WebSocket emulation layer, but it took us a while to understand why this is the best approach to do web-messaging.) I'll be hanging around there for the two days - feel free to talk to me about SockJS, RabbitMQ, AMQP or just messaging in general in any flavour. See you in Portland!