Troubleshooting Messaging Topology Kubernetes Operator

This guide covers the basics of troubleshooting of RabbitMQ Messaging Topology Operator.


If some RabbitMQ topology objects could not be created, a good source of information is the Messaging Topology Operator logs.

To inspect the logs, run

kubectl -n rabbitmq-system logs -l


All custom Messaging Topology Operator resources have a status subresource that describes the current state of the resource.

For example, to get the status of a queue with name 'my-queue', run:

kubectl get my-queue -oyaml


kubectl describe my-queue

An example status for a queue may look like:

kind: Queue
  name: my-queue
  namespace: rabbitmq-system
  - lastTransitionTime: ""
    status: "True" #  could be true, false, or unknown; false means the last reconciliation has failed
    type: Ready
    Reason: "SuccessfulCreateOrUpdate" # status false result in reason FailedCreateOrUpdate
    Message: "" # set with error message when status is false

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