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Build RabbitMQ Java Client from Source


This guides describes the process of building the Java client library from source.

The repository is hosted on GitHub. Clone two repositories with

git clone rabbitmq_codegen
git clone

The code generation repository is a dependency of the Java client library.

Required Libraries and Tools

In order to build RabbitMQ Java client, you will need a few tools.

The first one is a recent version of Python and in order to drive code generation.

Additionally, for building the Java client libraries, you will need


Ensure JAVA_HOME is correctly set and that the rabbitmq-java-client and rabbitmq_codegen directories are in the same directory. Then, from the rabbitmq-java-client directory, run

cd rabbitmq-java-client

./mvnw clean package -Ddeps.dir=../ -DskipTests

The generated JAR file will be in target directory.


If you are looking to contribute to the client, take a look at these instructions on GitHub.