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This Month in RabbitMQ: March 2020 Recap

· 4 min read

Due to the uncertainties of the COVID-19 virus, the RabbitMQ Summit team is canceling the Berlin Summit in June 2020. We do still hope that we can proceed with the plans for a summit in November in New York. Check back for updates.

Among other contributions this month, we have resources on using RabbitMQ successfully in a microservices architecture, why you should use messaging in your project with Rabbit and SpringBoot, and many other tips and tricks. So dive in, the water’s fine! And please stay safe, everyone.

Project updates

  • The 3.7.x series are now covered under the extended support policy (security patches and high severity bug fixes only). 3.7.x users are recommended to upgrade to 3.8.x releases. RabbitMQ 3.7.25 has shipped to wrap up 3.7.x’s general support timeline.
  • RabbitMQ .NET client version 5.2.0 and version 6.0.0 are almost ready for release. Please test the latest release candidates, there are substantial efficiently improvements in the 6.0 release thanks to our awesome contributors.
  • Erlang/OTP 22.3 has shipped. Debian and RPM packages produced by the RabbitMQ team are available from PackageCloud and Bintray

Community Writings and Resources

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