This Month in RabbitMQ, May 2020 Recap

This month, Jack Vanlightly continues his blog series on Quorum Queues in RabbitMQ. Also, be sure to watch the replay of his related webinar.

Finally, Episode 5 of TGI RabbitMQ is out -- Gerhard Lazu walks us through how to run RabbitMQ on Kubernetes. Don’t miss!

Project Updates

  • RabbitMQ 3.8.4 was released in late May, the first release to feature Erlang 23 compatibility. Three weeks later 3.8.5 followed with complete Erlang 23 support.
  • Docker community-maintained RabbitMQ image has adopted Erlang 23 in less than two weeks since its release
  • rabbit-hole, the most popular Go RabbitMQ HTTP API client, has reached version 2.2.0
  • Merged an impressive pull request from GitHub user @joseliber that fixed the generation of password-encrypted certificates in the tls-gen project. This project is used by RabbitMQ, its client libraries, and other projects to easily generate self-signed certificates.

Community Writings and Resources

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