Module amqp_uri

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parse/1Parses an AMQP URI.

Function Details


parse(Uri) -> {ok, #amqp_params_network{} | #amqp_params_direct{}} | {error, {Info, Uri}}

Parses an AMQP URI. If any of the URI parts are missing, the default values are used. If the hostname is zero-length, an #amqp_params_direct{} record is returned; otherwise, an #amqp_params_network{} record is returned. Extra parameters may be specified via the query string (e.g. "?heartbeat=5&auth_mechanism=external"). In case of failure, an {error, {Info, Uri}} tuple is returned.

The extra parameters that may be specified are channel_max, frame_max, heartbeat and auth_mechanism (the latter can appear more than once). The extra parameters that may be specified for an SSL connection are cacertfile, certfile, keyfile, verify, and fail_if_no_peer_cert.


parse(Uri, DefaultVHost) -> any()

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