Nightly Builds

We now produce nightly builds for the RabbitMQ broker and official client libraries. These builds are available so that users can try out the latest features and bug fixes as soon as they become available.

Nightly builds are based on the 'master' branch of our GitHub repositories. This represents the bleeding edge and therefore should not be considered complete or completely stable. It is quite possible that existing features, APIs and/or configuration data formats have been changed in ways that are not backwards compatible or even removed altogether.

In addition to the changes described above, it is also possible that incompatible changes have been made to the way persistent storage is handled. Such changes may mean that after installing a nightly build, your RabbitMQ installation cannot be rolled back to a previous (stable) version. To avoid conflicting with an existing installation, you should either remove it first, or configure the nightly build installation to use an alternative location for its persistent storage and (potentially) other configuration elements using the provided instructions.

We publish a debian repository containing the nighty build artefacts, so that you can install them using the relevant package manager for your system. You should be aware that this repository will be overwritten each night, so you can only use the latest version when installing in this manner.

As with our published live releases, we continue to digitally sign the nightly build artefacts using GnuPG and our nightly builds public signing key.

You can find documentation about any new features available in our nightly builds at

Downloading and installing RabbitMQ nightly builds

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