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The links below highlight some of our favourite content on this site and the web that will help you get started with messaging and RabbitMQ. If you are just starting out with messaging and RabbitMQ, please take a look at our Get Started tutorials. If you feel we have missed something or would like to suggest more links please contact us.

Overviews and Introductions

  • Alexis' Introduction to RabbitMQ
    Alexis' presentation at Thoughtworks 'London Geek Night', May 2009, where he introduces RabbitMQ “An open source message broker that just works”.
  • RabbitMQ: Messaging in the Cloud
    Matthew's presentation to VMworld 2010 that covers an introduction to messaging with common use cases, an AMQP 101 and an overview of RabbitMQ including its features and application to cloud messaging.
  • RabbitMQ: Messaging that just works
    A recording of Emile's webinar that introduces messaging and RabbitMQ. Some prominent features introduced in recent releases are discussed and the webinar concludes with a Q&A session with members of the audience.
  • It's the message, stupid
    A presentation by Muharem Hrnjadovic discussing why messaging is a good thing and when and how to use it. Muraham covers an introduction to messaging concepts and how the AMQP model can be used to implement common messaging patterns. A video is also available.
  • Introduction to AMQP and Messaging with RabbitMQ
    Presentation by Dmitriy Samovskiy on Good primer on AMQP messaging concepts and RabbitMQ in general.
  • AMQP 0.9.1 Model Explained
    Michael Klishin's Guide to using AMQP with RabbitMQ. Clear explanations of messaging concepts and AMQP 0-9-1. Written for a Ruby audience, but suitable for wider readership. Progresses to discussion and examples of messaging patterns and error handling.
  • Multi-platform Messaging with RabbitMQ
    Rob Harrop demonstrates how to use RabbitMQ from a variety of languages (Java, Python, Ruby and Erlang) and different environments using AMQP and STOMP for multi-platform communication.
  • The RabbitMQ Team's Introduction to RabbitMQ and AMQP
    A video of the RabbitMQ team presenting their Tech Talks at Google London, Oct 2008. Alexis explains what is meant by messaging and why you might need a messaging broker. Matthias provides a technical overview of the RabbitMQ broker and why Erlang was the right choice to implement it. Tony then discusses the future of RabbitMQ and AMQP with a focus on messaging at internet scale.
  • Why Rubyists Should Care About Messaging
    A high level introduction into why you should be using messaging in your applications. Not just for Rubyists.
  • A Technical Look at RabbitMQ and Erlang
    Matthias' slides from a talk at FITEclub in 2009 where he presents a technical overview of RabbitMQ
  • Getting Started with AMQP and RabbitMQ
    Article on by Joern Barthel that provides an excellent discussion the AMQ model and its implementation in RabbitMQ. Lots of code examples are provided in Ruby.
  • RabbitMQ: Python and Ruby Staring at the Looking Glass
    A slide show from Paolo Negri that offers an excellent introduction to the AMQP model and RabbitMQ with code samples in python and ruby. He explores the different routing models available and goes on to explain a number of use cases and some common messaging patterns, including pubsub.
  • The Attention Deficit Disorder Guide to RabbitMQ
    Blog post for those who want to get started with RabbitMQ quickly and easily. Assumes you know the basics about messaging and AMQP.
  • Installing RabbitMQ
    Video showing how to get a RabbitMQ server installed and running in 20 seconds.
  • RabbitMQ and Messaging in General
    Slides from a presentation by Lenz Gschwendtner at erlounge in Wellington, July 2009. Another great introduction.
  • Rabbits and Warrens
    Blog post. Provides and excellent introduction to messaging, RabbitMQ, AMQP and using them with Python. Well worth a read for ophidians and non-ophidians alike.
  • Wikipedia on AMQP
    Read all about AMQP including the origins of the protocol, the AMQP model and the other specifications that cover the same or similar space as AMQP.
  • Databases Suck for Messaging
    Slides from presentation given by Alexis at Oxford Geek Night, May 2009. Examination of why messaging architectures beat database polling for pubsub.
  • What Problem Does Messaging Solve?
    A Q&A discussion that covers a variety of use cases for messaging.
  • RabbitMQ Internal Architecture
    Talk by Tony Garnock-Jones at Google London, May 2009. Explains the internals of RabbitMQ and how RabbitMQ can be used in federation and achieving redundancy for high availability.
  • Une Alternative à JMS?
    An excellent introduction, in French, to messaging with AMQP. (Or read the English translation, which is almost as good.)
  • RabbitMQ on
    We present a list of useful searches on the social bookmarking site.

Cloud Configurations

Management and Monitoring

Management and monitoring capabilities are provided by rabbitmqctl and the management plugin.

Please refer to the monitoring page for information about RabbitMQ monitoring.

In addition there are several community-maintained tools. Please treat these as experimental and send feedback to the mailing list.

Messaging Patterns and Common Scenarios

Specific Use Cases and Examples

  • Building a Node.js Events Application using RabbitMQ
    James Burkhart builds a scalable platform to orchestrate round-table events in which chat, tweets and other activities are broadcast to thousands of participants in as close to real-time as possible.
  • Powerful, Open Source, VoIP Cloud Services
    James Aimonetti describes an open-source product that automatically deploys, scales and distributes VoIP calls across the Internet on commodity or virtualized servers. It fully utilizes Erlang for VoIP logic and on other Erlang products like CouchDB and RabbitMQ.
  • How Digg is Built
    Dave Beckett describes how Digg, a social news and content sharing website, rebuilt their infrastructure. Digg use RabbitMQ to bridge their on-line applications and asynchronous backend systems, queuing up events that have happened and jobs to perform.
  • RabbitMQ, node.js and Java
    James Carr creates a sample application demonstrating how RabbitMQ and Spring-AMQP can be used to connect a website written in node.js to established JEE infrastructure using an asynchronous, event-driven architecture.
  • Social Networks and the Richness of Data [PDF 9.2 MB]
    An excellent presentation describing how scale social network activity streams with RabbitMQ, Redis and NoSQL in general.
  • Unibet [PDF 10.3 MB]
    Stefan Norberg's presentation on use of RabbitMQ and Kaazing and Terracotta for European scale real time betting at Unibet.
  • NASA's NEBULA Cloud Computing Platform
    Overview of how NASA are using RabbitMQ in their Nebula SaaS platform. Please also see this interview with The Register and these slides from Chris C. Kemp, the CIO of NASA Ames Research Center, and the thought-leader behind the NEBULA project.
  • Application of RabbitMQ at the BBC
    Video of a talk by Mike Bridgen at Google London, May 2009, where he illustrates how RabbitMQ can be used within a real world application integrating the news feeds at the BBC.
  • Untangling the BBC's data feeds
    More on the use of RabbitMQ at the BBC on Mike Bridgen's blog.
  • run RabbitMQ on Amazon EC2 provide an address book and contact management solution running on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. They use RabbitMQ as their message bus to move data between their service and mobile devices.
  • Use Cases on
    See more links to articles on RabbitMQ use cases at

Going Further

Blogs, Forums and Social

  • LShift's Blogs
    Read the blogs of the developers behind RabbitMQ.
  • Ben's Blogs
    Ben is a developer at LShift and is a contributor to the RabbitMQ project.
  • Dmitry's Blogs
    Dmitry is the author of rabbitbal, a reverse proxy for Rails and other frameworks, and blogs a lot about RabbitMQ.
  • Of Bunny and AMQP
    The blog of Chris Duncan, author of the Bunny AMQP client for Ruby. Good place to look if you're using AMQP with Ruby.
  • Daniel DeLeo's Blog: Kallistec
    Daniel is the author of Qusion - "an AMQP made-easy" library for Ruby. He regularly blogs on a variety of subjects including AMQP, RabbitMQ and Ruby.
  • Get the latest buzz about RabbitMQ on Addict-o-matic

Books and Print Articles

General Posts

Getting Help and Providing Feedback

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