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Server Operator Documentation

RabbitMQ ships in a state where it can be used straight away in simple cases such as development and QA environments - just start the server, enable the necessary plugins and it's ready to go.

This guide provides a table of contents of documentation oriented at RabbitMQ operators. For a complete documentation ToC that includes developer-oriented guides, see All Documentation Guides.

Installation and Provisioning:

Operating Systems and Platforms



CLI tools


Authentication and authorisation:

Networking and TLS

Monitoring, Audit, Application Troubleshooting:


Replicated Queue Types, Streams, High Availability

  • Quorum Queues: a modern highly available replicated queue type
  • Streams: a messaging abstraction that allows for repeatable consumption
  • RabbitMQ Stream plugin: the plugin and binary protocol behind RabbitMQ streams

Distributed RabbitMQ


Resource Management

Queue and Consumer Features

STOMP, MQTT, WebSockets

Man Pages