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This Month in RabbitMQ — May 2019

Monday, May 13th, 2019

Couple of key public service announcements this month. First, the deadline for submitting a talk for RabbitMQ Summit 2019 (5 November in London UK) was May 10. We had a great line-up last year at the inaugural event and we’re looking forward to an even better event this fall.

Then, on May 23, we’ll be doing an overview of what’s new in RabbitMQ 3.8 (beta 4 of which has dropped recently). Whether you’re a couple versions behind, or on the latest 3.7.14 release, you’re going to want to learn about the latest features and changes.


Project updates

  • RabbitMQ 3.7.15-beta.1 is available for community testing
  • And so is 3.8.0-beta.4. See for documentation of 3.8-specific features.
  • Team RabbitMQ has published an overview of a new feature flag subsystem shipping in RabbitMQ 3.8. The purpose of this subsystem is to simplify rolling upgrades between releases that have incompatible or potentially incompatible changes.
  • RabbitMQ Docker image now ships RabbitMQ 3.7.14 and 3.7.15-beta.1 on latest Erlang and OpenSSL 1.1.1b
  • Java client 5.7.0 (for Java 8+) and 4.11.0 (for Java 6 & 7) have been released with usability improvements and dependency upgrades.
  • Reactor RabbitMQ 1.2.0 GA has been released, with a bug fix, dependency upgrades, and improvements in the publisher confirms support. Reactor RabbitMQ is a reactive API for RabbitMQ based on Reactor and RabbitMQ Java client. Reactor RabbitMQ goal is to enable messages to be published to and consumed from RabbitMQ using functional APIs with non-blocking back-pressure and very low overhead.
  • Debian and RPM packages of several latest Erlang and Elixir releases are now available in Team RabbitMQ's Erlang Bintray repository

Community writings and resources


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This Month in RabbitMQ — April 3, 2019

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

RabbitMQ 3.8 is coming! If you haven’t already played with the beta (version 3 is now available), it’s time to start familiarizing yourself with what’s coming. Karl Nilsson and I will present on a webinar in May to walk through what’s new, so please register and attend.

We are also starting to look forward to the next RabbitMQ Summit, once again in London this coming November. The call for talks is open until May 10, so please consider sharing how you are using RabbitMQ or something you have tried and learned and want to share with the community.

Project updates

Community writings and resources

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This Month in RabbitMQ — March 7, 2019

Friday, March 8th, 2019

Welcome back for another issue of This Month in RabbitMQ. Did you know that RabbitMQ was the seventh highest paying tech skill in 2018? AND, that average pay grew a healthy 5.3% since 2017. It’s no wonder that we keep seeing more folks in the community sharing how they are getting started—or getting better—with RabbitMQ. In that spirit, read on for the latest project updates, community writings, and upcoming trainings!

Project updates

Community writings and resources



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This Month in RabbitMQ — Feb 7, 2019

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Welcome back for another issue of This Month in RabbitMQ. Hopefully you are finding this new series helpful to keep up with the latest project updates and community topics. As we look across the different articles published throughout the month, it’s clear that it truly has a polyglot community. From Spring and .NET, to Ruby and Node.js, there are active users of RabbitMQ out there writing in many different languages. It’s a polyglot world, and we’re connecting it all together!


This Month in RabbitMQ — Jan 8, 2019

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

Happy New Year! Welcome back for another installment of This Month in RabbitMQ. Between running a webinar and publishing a new page, we made a lot of progress in promoting RabbitMQ “best practices” in December. Watch for more content to help everyone in the Rabbit community know how to run Rabbit smoothly.

There were plenty of other great developments from RabbitMQ engineering, including 1.0 of Reactor RabbitMQ, and great insights shared across the community. Read on!


This Month in RabbitMQ, November 2018

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Hello RabbitMQ friends! Welcome to the first installment of This Month in RabbitMQ, inspired by the wonderful and industrious Josh Long, who publishes monthly and weekly recaps for the Spring community. Our team was also inspired by the first ever RabbitMQ Summit that we held on November 12 in London. It was awesome to see an assembly of the community and the knowledge shared. Look out for videos from that event in a future issue of This Month in RabbitMQ.

Without further ado, let's take a look at a roundup of what happened in RabbitMQ land last month!