Erlang Versions

Which Version of Erlang?

In general, use the latest available stable (non-alpha) version of Erlang.

The minimum version of Erlang required to run the RabbitMQ server is R16B03. If you absolutely must use an older version of Erlang, RabbitMQ 3.5.x is the newest version compatible with R13B03.

Certain RabbitMQ configurations require more recent versions:

If you want to:Minimum versionNotes
build / run RabbitMQ server and most plugins R16B03
use SSL/TLS reliably 17.0 Covers most common signature algorithms and can honor server ciphers order.

If using clustered nodes, all nodes should use the same version of Erlang.

OS support

Most current distributions now package Erlang that supports all the above. One (partial) exception is Red Hat Enterprise Linux - RPMs are available but not as part of the core distribution. See the RPM-based Linux Installation page for how to install Erlang on RPM-based distributions.

Building Erlang from source

If a sufficiently recent Erlang package is not available for your system then you will need to build Erlang from source. This requires a build environment that satisfies the Erlang build dependencies, such as OpenSSL.