Hello, World!

And welcome to the all-new RabbitMQ blog!

As you may know, RabbitMQ was recently acquired by SpringSource, a division of VMware.  Prior to that, the RabbitMQ developers worked at LShift, and we used to write on the LShift blog.  You can still read the old RabbitMQ posts there.

But now it's time for the RabbitMQ team to have its own blog. We have lots to write about: RabbitMQ itself, and new features as they appear; our more experimental projects; and what's going on in the RabbitMQ community and the world of messaging in general. The first real post will follow shortly.

3 Responses to “Hello, World!”

  1. Chad Etzel Says:

    Congrats! We love using RabbitMQ at Notifo. Simple and stable. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to read your upcoming articles. It would be neat to see some interesting uses of Redis+RabbitMQ now that you both are under VMware's umbrella.

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  3. Mike Keen Says:

    Glad to see RabbitMQ finally got a blog!